Life of a Car Guy

I’m a car guy that has a thing for photography and writing. And when I say that I’m a car guy, I don’t simply mean that “I like cars”, I’m saying that cars are my life. Aside from activities to keep my wife from killing me, everything I do revolves around cars, whether it’s going to the drag strip, attending a local car show or wrenching on one of my many seemingly endless projects. My name is Tommy Lee Byrd, and I do photography and writing for a living. Obviously, not all of my experiences make it to print….this is where those stories will live, creating a diary of a car guy’s life. I stay  busy with working a regular job and doing all of my freelance work on the side, so this blog will be filled with my experiences around my hometown of Dayton, Tennessee, as well as stuff on the road. Since this is my first blog, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photographs I’ve taken…not the best picture I’ve taken, but one of my favorites.

Marcus Wooden's 1964 Chevy II, which competes locally in the Bounty Race heads up drag racing series. The car runs 5.50's in the eighth mile thanks to a nitrous-fed small block Chevy.


Tommy Lee


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