Summer Time Blues

Well, it seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was begging for warm weather, and now it’s here and nearly unbearable. This shows me that (A) time goes by WAY too fast and (B) I don’t enjoy summer as much as I used to. Car shows are plentiful during the summer months, but it’s not easy to convince someone to stick around until sunset so I can get the perfect light. Heck, it’s hard for me to convince myself to stick around for that long. I still go to the drag strip on a regular basis during the summer, but my car show stuff seems to always slow down in July and August. Oh well.

This past weekend my dad and I went down to Steele, Alabama to the P.U.R.S. event, which is an outlaw race promotion featuring Pro Mods, Limited Street-style cars (they call it Extreme Street), X275 cars (they call it Super Street), 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 index classes. They had an incredible amount of cars, but we were only able to withstand one complete round of qualifying before it was time to head back to the air conditioning. It was fun while it lasted, but being soaked with sweat for the fun of it really isn’t all that fun. If I were out there making money it would be a different story!

Turbo Mustang Wheelstand

Puddin's Wheelstand at the P.U.R.S. event at Steele, AL

Photos from the insanely hot P.U.R.S. event at Alabama International Dragway in Steele, AL

This weekend I’m not planning to attend any big events, although I-40 Dragway is having a 4.70 race, which is pretty cool. Might go check that out after my big birthday party. I turned 25 on Thursday, and my wife felt like we should have a big party…so that’s what we’re doing. Gonna have some good food, and it sounds like we’ll have quite the crowd, compared to our usual gatherings.


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