The New Daily Driver

I’ve driven the same S-10 for the past 7 years, and it’s treated me very well, but when I got married, I took part ownership in a new daily driver…a 2008 Dodge Avenger. Awesome, I know. The car took us where we needed to go, but it was no where near cool, and it just wasn’t fun to drive. My theory is that if you’re forced to have a car payment, it should at least be an enjoyable car. So, instead of trading it on a new Z06, my wife and I decided that a Pontiac G8 GT would be the best car for our needs. It’s a four-door so it’s practical for her, and our future plans for children, while the 361hp will keep me occupied.

Byrd Photography

Our new daily driver...a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT.

We traded the Avenger for it, so I’m just happy to have all GM products in my garage/driveway for the time being. After having it for a month, we’ve enjoyed the increased horsepower, the increased comfort, and the increased handling capabilities. I’ve already taken it to Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip, where it ran a best of 9.25 at 77mph in the eighth mile. It should run way faster than that in my opinion, and here’s what I’m blaming it on: super sluggish shifts, super sluggish throttle response (drive by wire) and 95 degree temperatures. We plan to give it a few bolt ons to hopefully get in the mid-8’s with it. So far, we’ve averages 23mpg with it, so that’s not bad…one MPG less than our V6-powered Avenger. Enjoy the pictures…

Pontiac G8 GT

After writing a book about Street Sleepers I just had to buy one!

Photo by Byrd Photography

G8 GT looking good in the spooky lighting.

Photo by Byrd Photography

Loving the new G8 GT...way better than our old Avenger.


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