A First Time for Everything

I’ve had a lot of “firsts” in my life, and I’m sure I’ll have a bunch more. Today’s first wasn’t glorious but it was bound to happen. I ran out of gas. That’s right, I ran out of gas in a vehicle that has a working gas gauge. Now, I’ve run a vehicle out of gas at my own house, but it’s a whole different level of failure when you run out of gas on the road. So, I’m heading to work this morning, in my trusty S-10 (driving it to keep from racking up 100 miles a day on the G8). I’m planning to get gas on the way to work, and as I close in on the destination, the truck starts to stumble. At this point I’m still a mile from the gas station, and the final 1/4 mile or so is up hill. So I’m worried.

Tommy Lee Byrd

Hey, here's a picture of the truck that ran out of gas!

I press on, thinking as long as I can keep it running, I’ll be ok. It was running rough, but I made it to the traffic light to turn into the gas station. Unfortunately, the light didn’t allow me to dart across the intersection, so I sat behind another vehicle, and waited my turn. As I begin to cross the intersection, the truck is moving .00007546 miles per hour, and I’m literally moving around in the cab to see if I can slosh enough fuel into the pickup to get me across the highway. Nope. It shuts off with the back bumper still in the intersection, so I hop out while the truck is still moving, and push it as far as I can go. Once stopped I mash the parking brake, and turn on my flashers…look in the rear view mirror and a big Ford truck was right there. Great…

As it turns out the fellows in the big Ford were old friends from high school and my BMX bike riding days. They were happy to help, but we could barely muster enough strength to get it up the hill and into the gas station. It was seriously the most worn out I’ve ever been at 7:15 in the morning. $65 later, I was back on the road with a full tank of gas. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.


One thought on “A First Time for Everything

  1. Hey Tommy Lee! I’m there with ya! I had that happen in the ’85 while we were testing it out. That big 4-inch fuel pressure gauge that we duct taped to the windshield told us all about it. We pushed it to the pumps also. Had a train of cars behind us, yeah, they were happy. =-)

    Ah, the memories.

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