I Need A Garage

I wish the process of building a garage was easy and cheap…but it’s neither. I’ve figured out exactly what I want, but it’s tough to get started, knowing that I’m going to sink a ton of money into it. I mean, there are plenty of reasons to justify having a garage, especially when you consider that our new G8 GT is sitting outside in the elements, while the Corvette and Christina’s Camaro live peacefully in the attached garage. That needs to change, and I’m ready for a nice place to work on my cars any time I want. My dad lets me use his 30×64 foot shop whenever I want, but he uses it for his living…I don’t want to get in the way of that.

The goal is to someday buy an old factory or warehouse in Dayton, and pack all of my cars and junk in there, but I still need a place at home to store a couple cars, and do small stuff like change the oil, swap wheels, build a turbo Vega, etc. You know, simple stuff…

Byrd Photo

Our current garage arrangement....no room for the G8!

So I guess I’m just stuck right now. I want to make it look like the house, so it doesn’t take away from our place. That means digging a footer, pouring a footer, laying block, pouring a slab, framing, vinyl siding, shingle roof…just sounds like a lot of money to me. At the same time, I don’t really like the looks of a metal building, especially when it’s parked about 8 feet from my house. The plan for the garage is 26 feet deep and 36 feet wide, with 8 foot walls. I want a 16-foot door centered on the side nearest my driveway, and a 9-foot door on the backyard side of the garage…that would probably help move some air through the shop as it would create a breezeway.

Anyway, I’m ready to make a move on the garage deal, and just get it over with, so I can stop thinking about it and start working on cars again.


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