An Ongoing Series–My Cars…

Alright, so I’m a car guy. You should know that by now. My dad’s car guy lifestyle made it impossible for me to do anything else. I mean, when your dad is staying out in the shop until midnight building a chassis for a Pro Street ’57 Chevy Bel Air convertible, you have no choice but love every minute of it. So, as I became more interested in owning a car (or truck) of my own, my dad helped motivate me by telling me he’d go in partners with me on a vehicle if I could find one. So I saved Christmas money, birthday money and whatever else I could scrape up. The hunt for my first vehicle began at the age of 12.

Tommy Lee Byrd Photo

Yeah it was rough, but you have to start somewhere! Who would've known '67-72 C-10's would be so popular? I had no idea...

My seventh grade teacher’s husband passed away, and the fellow had been working on an old GMC pickup in his spare time. After he passed away, she didn’t have space for it, so this was a good opportunity for my first vehicle. It was rough, and it didn’t run all that good, but it didn’t really matter because I was 12 years old…what would I have done with it even if it ran great? Either way , the price was right, so my dad and I went in partners on it. From there, he tried to get it running right, but it never really straightened up…suspected it was a burned valve. We also swapped wheels on it and fixed a few spots on the body. This is before my days of bodywork so dad handled all that stuff. Dad taught me at an early age that buying and selling vehilces can actually make a profit, and reselling this truck for a couple hundred dollars more than we had in it gave me the bug. I would never see cars the same–I wanted to make enough profit to buy another car, then do it all over again. So I did just that, and this GMC short-bed fleetside started it all.


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