My Cars Continued

So when we sold the GMC truck I wrote about last night, we made a small profit on it, which meant our individual profit was very small, once it was split up between us. Either way, I was on the lookout for another vehicle, so we could try our hand at it again. This time, we found a ’53 Chevrolet at the Highway 127 yard sale, which happens to run through Pikeville, Tennessee. The car was all original, down to the inline six cylinder engine and three-speed on the column. Again, I wasn’t going to drive it anyway, so the drive train didn’t really matter to me. My dad has an incredible ability to wheel and deal…aka make people lower the price to his liking. He used his skills to buy the ’53 two-door post, and we did another half-and-half deal.

Tommy Lee Byrd Photo

1953 Chevrolet two-door second vehcile...looooong gone.

Seems like most of my first vehicles ended up having primer spots on them and this one was no different. The black paint actually looked pretty cool, in a beater sort of way, but the car had a few rusty holes, so my dad repaired those with a little bit of mud and blasted on some Red Oxide lacquer primer in the bad spots. He also lowered the front end a little to get the stance right, before putting it on the market. Now, I’m not saying we got rich off this car, but we did manage to double our money on it and we didn’t have to put out that much effort, which made me extremely happy. This meant I could buy something better and keep the cycle going.


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