Most people are well aware that I’m a car guy, but I also like motorcycles. I don’t really care about them as much as I used to, but they’re sitll fun to look at. My current view on motorcycles is this: If I’m going to have one it needs to be really fast. Something that I can ride to town and back, open it up a few times and put it back up. I’m not into long trips on a bike. Anyway, this talk about motorcycles is a part of my series of blogs about my past vehicles. Since I’ve owned a few motorcycles, I guess I can just wrap this one up in one blog. This one is a little longer so keep reading to find the pictures.

I learned to ride a motorcycle at a fairly young age, buzzing around on a Honda 50, then moving up to Honda Rebel a few years later (when I was tall enough for my feet to reach the ground). Between times, I learned to operate a clutch and actually rode what I considered a real motorcycle. It was a ’60s Allstate 125, and it was surprisingly easy to figure out. After outgrowing the Rebel, I found a good deal on a ’77 Harley Davidson Sportster, which was in pretty rough shape. It sat really high, and had a goofy King & Queen seat on it, so my first plans were to lower it and ditch the big seat in favor for a solo seat. Then it was time for paint, and since I still hadn’t really gotten into that stuff yet, my dad got the sheet metal ready and painted it one day while I was at school. I remember getting home, and being a little mad because he laid out the flames…I reallllly wanted to do the flames on it.

Tommy Lee Byrd Photo

My old '77 Harley Davidson Sportster...I miss it a little.

The bike had a Super Glide tank, which I hated at first, but looking at old pictures reminds me of how much I liked that old pile of junk. When it ran, it ran good, but getting it to that point wasn’t easy. Lots of charging problems and wiring problems kept me from riding it a lot. At this point though, I was 15, so I was old enough to get my motorcycle license and I rode it as much as I could. I eventually sold it and decided to get a newer bike.

Tommy lee Byrd Photo

My dad and I went in partners on this Kawasaki drag has a turbo. It's a practical bike, I know.

The plan for a new bike led me to a 2002 Sportster, which was in awesome shape, and even had a custom paint job. I never really got into this bike–not sure why, but it didn’t feel nearly as comfortable as the old one. Sold it, and moved on. Since selling the newer Sportster, I haven’t owned any bikes, but currently own a Kawasaki drag bike, which is a pretty cool piece. I don’t know what we’re going to do with it, but it would be nice to get it running and at least attempt to ride it around the block. We’ll see how it goes…


One thought on “Motorcycles

  1. Hey man some people like cars some people like bikes. I look forward to seeing some more of what you have to write about. I would definitely recommend trying a Harley that is bigger than a sporty though, maybe a dyna or softail. I write about all kinds of things guy would like including cars and bikes, give my page a read if your interested. I would also change the top to say something other than “Just another site.” Keep up the good work.

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