Nothing Like A Good Burnout…

It doesn’t matter if you have an automatic, or a manual transmission, doing a burnout in a rear wheel drive vehicle is just plain fun. Here’s my normal routine for a good rolling burnout in a manual transmission car: From a dead stop, pull back into 2nd gear, so I’ll have plenty of wheel speed. Bring the rpm up to about 4,500 and dump the clutch! So much fun…I brought this up because I laid a couple of black marks in the Corvette yesterday evening. I had a GoPro attached to the car, so check out this video…also check out the amazing amount of camber change when I get on it a little during the first few second of the video. Then I drive down a country road to my secret burnout spot at approximately 2:55 in the video. Enjoy…


2 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Good Burnout…

  1. I thought you were going to do it on the gravel…I was thinking “Watch out for the paint man…” A long wait, but worth it for the sound of a beautiful V8 on song. Congratulations on a good blog…keep it up.

    • Haha, when I got to my little turn around spot, I stopped for a minute to make sure the GoPro was still pointing in the right direction. It was my first time using one, and I was extremely surprised at how well it did.

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