Dragstalgia at I-40 Dragway

A couple weeks ago I made plans to attend the Dragstalgia event, held at I-40 Dragway in Crossville, Tennessee. I-40 is my “home track” if you will…I don’t actually race, but if I did, this is where I’d go. The Dragstalgia event is a nostalgia drag race, which brings in a bunch of cool gassers, altereds and hot rods. There was even a Kellison funny car in attendance. I decided to drive the Corvette to the show, even though temperatures were in the high 90’s with humidity nearing 10,000%. Yeah, 10,000.

Byrd Photo

Kellison funny car and Henry J getting ready to make a pass at I-40 Dragway

The car did well on the way over there, and I grabbed my camera to capture a little bit of the action. Didn’t see anything too crazy, as most of the cars were fairly mild mannered. I did get to see a Boss Hoss motorcycle (385hp small block Chevy) make a pass. It scared me…that thing had a torque-inspired death wobble all the way down the track. Anyway, back to the nostalgia stuff. The promoter of this event split the racing into a bunch of different classes. This seemed like a cool idea on paper, but I think they would’ve been better off running a bracket race with ALL of the cars. I hated that Robert Killian made the long trip up from Canton, Georgia only to find the track conditions no where near his liking. His car makes 2,000hp thanks to an 820ci Jon Kasse Ford Hemi, and is capable of running 4.30’s in the eighth. He made one pass and ran a 5.7x because of severe tire spin. He didn’t feel comfortable making another pass, so he packed up and headed down the road. After watching for a few hours, I’d had enough of the heat, so I hopped in the Corvette and motored back home to Dayton. Take a look at some of my pictures below and see the entire gallery HERE.

Henry J photo by Tommy Lee Byrd

Very cool Henry J gasser hiking the left front wheel off the line!

Photo by Tommy Lee Byrd

Dave Kaveshan behind the wheel of his big block, Procharged El Camino...glad to see this thing on the track again.

Byrd Photo

YIKES! Boss Hoss making a pass.

Byrd Photo

My buddy Tom's Dodge Dart lighting up the burnout box.

Byrd Photo

Cool little pickup with a highly modified inline six-cylinder engine.

Byrd Photo

Awesome turbocharged International pickup. This thing has run a best of 5.97 in the eighth with a STOCK 350 and lots of boost.


2 thoughts on “Dragstalgia at I-40 Dragway

  1. I dont think track conditions scared the guy away with the sedan, the motor sounded hurt when it left the line it cleared up mid track. I rode down to see the car and it was pouring fluids out from under the car like it had a broken radiator, or a hose. Hope he gets it ironed out and tries again.

    • I’m not sure why, but they drain the water out of the car after every pass so that might be what you saw. When I did the photo shoot on that car (driving on the street), as soon as we pulled in he drained the radiator. He also said something about the fuel pressure being a little weird on that one pass, so that might have been part of the problem.

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