S-10 For The Win…

If you actually know me, then you know I drive an S-10. I’ve driven an S-10 since I got my Learner’s Permit at the age of 15. What can I say? The little trucks have been good to me. My first S-10 was a ’95 model with a 2.2-liter four-cylinder and five-speed transmission. My current S-10 is a ’95 model with a 2.2-liter four-cylinder and five-speed transmission…

Byrd Photo

My current S-10 basking in the glow of a Tennessee sunset.

The first truck was a total junker, but I actually kinda miss it. The air worked nicely and the interior was in good shape but this thing was beat all to pieces. It was a repo at the local bank, and it was cheap. It had 16-inch wheels on it for most of its life, but I also ran a set of Weld Draglite wheels on it. The same ones that have been on the Corvette, my old Camaro, my Malibu wagon, the green S-10…well, you get the idea. I had lots of fun in that truck, and quickly realized that I could get sideways in it on a wet road if I tried hard enough, which provided some iffy moments. I ended up trading the truck (and a fair amount of money) for my current S-10, which was really nice at the time. It had 114,000 miles on it and it was super clean. Now, after putting 100,000 miles on it myself, the truck isn’t nearly as clean, but it still gets me where I want to go.

Byrd Photo

My first little truck...relocated from Dayton, TN to Mexico.

Byrd Photo

The SS S-10...it had a rough paint job and ugly wheels.

Byrd Photo

The V8 truck...don't mind the chrome sawblade wheels...I didn't keep this thing long.

Byrd Photo

The '88 S-10...nothing special.

As for other S-10’s, I’ve owned a ’94 SS S-10, which was a fully loaded 4.3 truck, an ’85 S-10 with a V8, and an ’88 S-10 with a four-banger. Obviously I like S-10 trucks, and I’m sure I’ll own a few more.


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