Bounty Race July 2011

This past Saturday, I attended the Bounty Race, held at I-40 Dragway. It’s always a good outlaw drag racing event, and it’s just about an hour from the house, so it’s a short drive. I’ve been attending the Bounty Race series regularly for the past 3 years, enjoying a lot of good racing from what I consider the best seat in the house–standing next to the guard rail. This month was no different, even though rain chances and hot temperatures might have affected the overall turnout. It seems like I always have something to do that interferes with other stuff…this month, I cut the Bounty Race short, so I could watch my dad play at Jacob Myers in Dayton. It was his first time playing there, so I wanted to support the cause. I left the track at 8pm CST so I could get to the restaurant by 10pm EST.

Byrd Photo

German Valdez never fails to offer some excitement with his turbocharged small block Mustang. On this pass, the car bogged off the line, but then carried the wheels to nearly half track.

Back to the racing action, there was a great turnout of Cheap Street and Pro Street cars, along with a strong field of index cars racing in the 6.0 and 7.0 classes. Unfortunately, the rain came in at 10pm, and the decision was made to split the money and go home. So even though I left way early, I guess didn’t miss too much this month. Next month will be yet another scheduling conflict, as I’m supposed to be at a wedding the day of the race…hopefully I’ll still be able to get to the track in time! Here are my favorite shots from the day at the July 2011 Bounty Race!

Byrd Photo

Tried my 55-300 lens for the first time at the track. Did pretty good, but the focus seemed to be a little soft. This one turned out pretty good.

Byrd Photo

Brad Shultis' Procharged, Hemi-powered Plymouth Duster, which runs in the Pro Street class.

Byrd Photo

Chris Young's Vega runs in the 6.0 class and generally does great wheelstands. This month, it was flying higher than ever!

Byrd Photo

Running in the Cheap Street class, Henry Bluford had some handling difficulties throughout the day...spinning the tires a bit on this pass.

Byrd Photo

His next pass wasn't any better...very sideways as he goes through the lights.

Byrd Photo

A little burnout action from a fast bike.

Byrd Photo

Tommy Hayes pulling the front wheels and spinning the tires at the same time...good stuff.

Byrd Photo

Ok, so this was a bad idea. I crouched down to get a low angle on this Mustang that runs in the Pro Street class. Notice where the exhaust pipe is located? I noticed.

Byrd Photo

Brandon Coday hanging the wheels in his second qualifying run. Good to see this car back at the track and doing well!

Byrd Photo

One of my favorite cars to photograph--Sonny Smart's '69 Camaro. Love the gold accents on this car.


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