I’m Actually Working on a Car!

It’s a good feeling, even with all of the frustration that goes along with it! We’re in the process of rebuilding the front suspension in my wife’s ’67 Camaro, so it’s nasty work that always seems to present problems along the way. It’s actually not that bad, since we have a total of 5 hours invested, and have already torn down the front end, stripped the control arms to bare metal, installed new bushings and ball joints, and hung the sway bar in place. It’s now ready for springs and spindles, and then we can replace the steering box, pitman arm, idler arm and tie rod ends. I’m really hoping the front end overhaul makes this car drive better because it was downright unsafe before the teardown.

Byrd Photo

A few of the new parts from Classic Performance Products.

The Camaro had been used as a drag car at some point in its life, and a previous owner decided to lower the front end down by heating the springs with a torch. Why do people do this? I understand it’s a headache to tear down a front end, but it absolutely kills the springs to lower a car with a torch. Anyway, the springs were really wadded up, the ball joints were on the verge of ejecting, and the steering linkage was super sloppy, so this revamp should do the trick. In addition to generic rebuild components from Classic Performance Products, I’m also installing two-inch drop springs and a 1-1/8-inch sway bar from the same company to offer better handling and a nice stance.

We hope to get it back together before I leave for Louisville, Kentucky and Marion, Ohio this weekend. I’ll be covering the NSRA Street Rod Nationals on Friday, and the 2nd Annual Funny Car Nationals on Saturday. Should be a lot of fun!


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