People Just Don’t Get It

So, a few years ago I decided to try something different on my Corvette. The car had run a set of Weld Draglite wheels on it for years, and I needed something different. I’m definitely a fan of the old days drag racing, so I thought maybe I could take this approach with the Corvette and see how it looks. I bought a pair of 15×4-1/2-inch U.S. Indy slotted “mags” for the front and stuck a pair of stock steel wheels on the back…it was a great combination, aside from the rear tires, which were the only ones I had lying around the shop at the time. I didn’t want to buy new rear tires if I didn’t like the way this mis-matched wheel setup looked, but I ended up loving the look.

Byrd Photo

The first mis-matched combo on the Corvette. I should've kept those skinny slots!

Later on I switched back to the Weld wheels, and sold the other wheels…that was a mistake. I’ve learned that vintage wheels, like those U.S. Indy front runners, are hard to come by, so I’m starting a bit of a vintage wheel collection at the shop. Anyway, I really started hating the way the Welds looked on the Corvette, so I bought a couple of brand new American Racing Torq Thrust D’s for the front and put a set of Coker Classic tires on them. The wheels are 15×4 inches and the tires are 165R15…and they’re supposed to have a whitewall, but I flipped them to the backside. I bought the wheels from Newstalgia, and the tires from They sell blemished tires for very low prices, so I was all about it. I also got a pair of 15×6-inch steel wheels for the back, and BFGoodrich 235/75R15 rear tires from I’ve had this setup on the car since June of last year.

Byrd Photo

People don't understand mis-matched wheels, but I love it!

At car shows and cruise ins, people are drawn to the Corvette, but pretty much everyone that talks about it mentions the wheels. “That thing would look pretty good if you could find a set of wheels to match the front ones.” “What happened to the back wheels?” These people act as if I did this on accident…the wheels are like that for a reason! See below! Keep in mind that my car has a different stance than the cars below, but it still has the ’70s street racer look, so it falls into the category of running “mag” wheels on the front and steel wheels out back.

Byrd Photo

I grabbed this photo from the HAMB of a car that proves my point about mags up front and steel wheels out back.

Byrd Photo

Here's another example of using lightweight wheels on the front and steelies on the rear.


4 thoughts on “People Just Don’t Get It

  1. Who cares what people think about your Vette? This car rocks! People don’t understand different. They are afraid of it and want to be like everyone else for comfort. Pansy folks and negatively opinionated people should just shut their pie hole.

  2. Tommy as many times as we have talked you know I am right there with ya pal!! I love the look of the vette with the mis-match wheels. I don’t care what others say about my rides I run what I like and the heck with the rest of the rodders. My old Chevy II always got the question “When ya gonna paint it and what color is it gonna be?”. I always loved the look on their face when I told them “the lettering was just painted on when I built the car and that’s all the painting it’s gonna get.” Just stay with what you like and enjoy every minute of it. I do!!

    • Haha, yeah, after years of people asking when I’m going to get rid of those rectangular headlights in the grille, the racing seats, etc. I’ve decided just to embrace the car’s ’70s style. The mis-matched wheels really help the car in my opinion. I just bought a pair of M&H 7.75/8.00-15 slicks for it, so that should help it look the part.

  3. Very Cool car, I’m heading that direction with my 64 Vette as well. Just trying to figure out correct rear slick size for un-cut wheel openings. More power to you!!

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