Ok, so I was wrong…

I wrote a blog a couple weeks ago about “An Easy Fix“. Well, as it turns out I was wrong…it’s not fixed. After getting Christina’s Camaro aligned, we took it for a drive yesterday evening. It is a million times easier to drive, and feels nice and tight with all of its new bushings and stuff. So, we stop back by my dad’s shop to pick up my truck, and re-tighten the lug nuts on the car. With all that done, I hop back in the car and turn the switch. Nothing. So we had to cross out the starter solenoid to crank it….I thought I was done with the aggravation of sticking my hand into a tight area with a blazing hot header millimeters away from it. Oh well…guess I’ll have to buy a solenoid after all. At least the car drives better and the steering wheel is finally straight!


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