The Henry J Saga–Part 2

In part one of my Henry J saga, you read about my first inspiration to own a Henry J, which was my dad’s drag car if you do not recall. What didn’t reach the surface was my excitement each and every time I saw a Henry J at a car show. I am still very attracted to these cars, even if they aren’t built to suit my tastes, so if I see one, you can bet I’ll be checking it out thoroughly. I’ve probably seen 100 Henry J’s in my life, and I can appreciate all of them.

All along the way, I’ve taken pictures of EVERY Henry J I’ve laid eyes on, and I still do the same today. If I see a Henry J I take a picture of it. With this in mind, I figured Part 2 of my saga will show my ongoing inspiration to buy and build a Henry J. This blog won’t be nearly as wordy as Part 1, but you’ll see some of my favorite J’s through the years. Check ’em out!

Byrd Photo

Okay, so I didn't take this's another Henry J my dad owned. He never raced it to my knowledge.

Byrd Photo

Here's another one I didn't take, but it's a car from right here in Dayton. IT'S STILL IN DAYTON! Hopefully someday I can buy it.

Byrd Photo

What could offer more inspiration than a Henry J funny car? Add to that the fact that it's a fairly local car and I'm all over it.

Byrd Photo

Two Henry J's on the track at one time! This was almost too much for me to handle!

Byrd Photo

Cool gasser at the 2010 NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY

Scott Sullivan's awesome Henry J with wide whites....

Scott Sullivan's J with Real Rodders Wheels....I think it looks awesome either way!


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