Fort Oglethorpe Cruise In

I’d heard a lot about it, but I’d never gone to the Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia cruise in, so my wife and I stopped by this evening. We were already in Chattanooga, so we made the short drive down the road and made a pass through the cars, trucks and motorcycles in attendance. It’s a great cruise in with a pretty good variety of cars. Of course, we had to check out a few of the Camaros, so we could dream about the potential in Christina’s Camaro. There were a few that made me want to paint her’s black…when it’s done right, nothing beats a black paint job. Except for the upkeep, that part is never fun. Anyway, we had a good time, and I only took a few pictures, so enjoy!

Byrd Photo

This '69 has a super slick black paint job with a nice-looking set of billet Magnum wheels. Big block, four-speed car too!

Byrd Photo

Clean '55 Chevy...very nice car.

Byrd Photo

I sure wish Christina's car looked and sounded as good as this one!

Byrd Photo

This car would look GREAT if it had a set of matching wheels on the back....if you read my blog about the wheels on my Corvette, you'll know this is sarcasm....I love mis-matched wheels!


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