Brainerd Again…

Yep, went back to Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip this past Friday Night for yet another test-and-tune session. I dropped in to see the preliminary action for their big Labor Day Weekend heads up race. They usually run a couple rounds of qualifying on Friday night, in addition to the regular test-and-tune stuff, so I figured it would be a good chance to watch a few 4.70 cars go down the track and maybe snag a feature or two.

Byrd Photo

Gotta love a big roots blower and injector hat, especially when it rests higher than the roof of a '63 Corvette.

Byrd Photo

David Solomon's flawless Dodge Dakota race truck.

Byrd Photo

The Cash Corvette cackles by as it rolls toward the staging lanes.

As it turns out, I was able to shoot two vehicles for RPM Magazine and do some light coverage of the night’s racing activities. I shot David Solomon’s immaculately-detailed Dodge Dakota truck, which runs in the 4.70 index class. David relies on Mopar power (of course) and you won’t find any power adders…it’s all motor. On the other hand, my other feature car for the night relies on an unavoidable power adder, in the form of a huge roots blower. The flamed Corvette is owned by local racer Johnny Cash….I’m sure he hears lots of jokes about his name, so I’ll resist the temptation to throwing him into the ring of fire.

Annnnyway, so I packed up and headed home from a long day of work and an evening at the track, only to get a time slip from the local police department on my way home. Guess I shouldn’t have been driving at my rush hour pace (which is 72mph apparently) at 11pm. Here are some pictures from the night’s action–check out for the entire gallery.

Byrd Photo

Glenn McCary behind the wheel of Tony Carter's Nova.

Byrd Photo

As I made my way back to the truck to drop off my tripod, I decided to grab a shot of this '66 Chevy II. A 30-second exposure resulted in a pretty cool nighttime shot!

Byrd Photo

I felt like this photo deserved to be in black and white. Rickey Barnes' nostalgically-styled '57 Chevy is awesome.

Byrd Photo

Also felt like this photo of Shannon Medley's shoebox deserved the black and white treatment.


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