Writing a New Book

Yep, it’s official. I’m writing another book with CarTech. I had a decent breather between the Sleeper book and this project, so hopefully it won’t be a terribly overwhelming project. I’m working toward a big goal, and I have 9 months to do it, so I’m sure I’ll be busy for a while, but I enjoy the work. I hope these books fly “off the shelves” and people thoroughly enjoy them.

Byrd Photo

My first book--Street Sleepers: The Art of the Deceptively Fast Car...a new book is in the works!

With my first book being about street sleepers (how to build them, as well as more than 20 awesome examples of well-built sleepers) I decided the next book should lean a little more toward history. I’m not talking about wars, presidents or the Declaration of Independence…I’m talking about the history of drag racing. I can’t disclose too much information about the book just yet, but it will be about abandoned drag strips in the United States. I’m still laying out chapters and getting all the details ironed out, but I should be able to really get started on it when the car show season winds down a bit. The book should be fun to assemble, and I’m hoping it’ll be fun to read when it’s all said and done.


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