The Coker Tire Cruise In

Ever since the huge success of the Hot Rod Power Tour cruise in (at Coker Tire), I’ve been wondering why we haven’t done something of this nature on our own. Chattanooga doesn’t have any cruise ins, and Coker Tire is cool enough to keep people coming back. I made a simple suggestion that had probably been mentioned a thousand times, but this time it stuck, and we started making plans for the first standalone Coker Tire and Honest Charley Cruise In. Having been around this stuff more than many of my colleagues, I was kinda put in charge of the operation, delegating jobs to various people and handling some things on my own. Pre-event planning was fairly simple, but when it was go-time this past Saturday, I realized the amount of work that goes into something like this.

Byrd Photo

The Corvette at night...this picture makes me think about street racing for some reason.

Byrd Photo

The Corvette amongst the crowd at the Coker Tire and Honest Charley Cruise In

The event was scheduled to start at 4pm, and we had our first participants at 2pm. By 3 o’clock a steady stream of vehicles rolled into our blocked off area, and by 4, the place was packed. We had over 200 cars come in, and I think that is AMAZING considering the fact that the Redneck Rumble in Lebanon, the Fall Grand Run in Pigeon Forge and the Fort Oglethorpe Cruse In were all on the same day! If not for those date conflicts we probably would’ve had 800 cars…kinda glad that didn’t happen!!!

Byrd Photo

I would've been hounding the owner of this Plymouth to do a photo shoot for my book this time last year. This thing is a super cool sleeper...four doors, Hemi power and a push-button shifter.

Byrd Photo

When I saw Shayne get in his car to leave, I followed him, because I knew he'd do something of this nature.

Byrd Photo

Then we convinced J.R. to do a burnout in his T-Bucket...too bad it was a one-wheel peel.

Anyway, by about 5:00 I was finally able to take a breather from parking cars like a mad man, so I grabbed my camera and started snapping a few shots. All of those can be seen on Coker Tire’s Facebook page. I did play around a bit after everyone left, as it was a chance to get some shots of my car, along with Christina’s Camaro in front of the infamous Honest Charley Speed Shop.

Byrd Photo

Good photo opportunity...

Byrd Photo

Christina got jealous, so I moved her car in front of the shop for pictures.

Byrd Photo

Love these night time shots...

Overall it was a lot of fun, and I hope we do it again. I’m sure we’ll need more help parking cars and all that good stuff, but it was a very simple operation, considering the potential size of this event. Thanks to all of my friends who came down to support the event!


4 thoughts on “The Coker Tire Cruise In

  1. The cruise in was cool! The place is cool, the people are cool, and the cars are cool. The only problem is that its just another cruise in/show…. It would be really cool if ya could hop in your ride and cruise the streets afterwards. Like they allow you to do up in Pigeon Forge/ Sevierville.

    • Yeah, I agree James…a bit of driving would be cool. We tried to make it a little different by offering the open house and free tours of the facilities, including the museum. Maybe next time, we can set it up to meet somewhere and all ride in (or out) together.

  2. Tommy hopefully next time I won’t be obligated to another event and can make it. If I can make it I will be glad to lend a hand with parking or whatever else may be needed. Just let me know.

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