Brainerd Friday, 411 Saturday…

It’s always fun to go to two different drag strips in the same weekend. Gives you a chance to see some different cars, and a chance to experience a different atmosphere. Friday night, I went down to Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip after I got off work, for a little test and tune action. My buddy Kyle had just gotten the nitrous setup installed on his turbo S-10, so I went down to see how he did, and to see if I could get some cool pictures. Well, after some difficulties, racing would not get started until dark…not really the prime time for pictures, considering my camera gear. I was able to get a couple of shots of friends’ vehicles, and got a couple of GoPro videos too. Here’s what I got from Brainerd…full gallery of photos can be found HERE:

Byrd Photo

Kyle's S-10...body dropped, stock 5.3, ebay turbo setup, 100 shot of nitrous...ran a 6.70!

Byrd Photo

Little bit of purge action from a killer 4.70 car.

Byrd Photo

Shannon Medley's Chevy II launching HARD!

Kyle’s 6.70 pass in the turbo S-10.

Glenn McCary’s Limited Street Nova making a test pass after some suspension tweaks.

Onto Saturday’s action, my dad and I got up and headed north in the Corvette, to join Scott Abbott and his crew at the Drag Bash, which is a nostalgia drag event held at 411 Dragway. The Corvette made the trip flawlessly, and that is probably a result of me resisting the temptation to make a few passes in it. I played it safe, being 100 miles away from home. Anyway, had a great time at 411 Dragway, and was excited to see progress being made on track improvements up there. Even got to see a sleeper Vega, just like my current project car…very similar right down to the 13 inch wheels. Here are my photos from the Drag Bash…full gallery can be found by clicking HERE.

Byrd Photo

Love this truck! Stock LS7 engine on pump gas...ran 6.70's on drag radials.

Byrd Photo

This is what Coker Tire employees like to see! Coker Classic bias ply whitewalls going up in a cloud of smoke!

Byrd Photo

This is my people....Sleepy little Vega with stock 13's. Small block Chevy and a manual transmission make it go.

Byrd Photo

Scott had a great turnout at the 2011 Drag Bash! Lots of cars, good swap meet stuff, and good action on the track!

Byrd Photo

Pair of VERY nice spindle-mount Americans in the swap meet. Magnesium is my most favorite metal.

Byrd Photo

Proof that I drive my car to fun places...not that anyone ever doubted it, but I always forget to take pictures of my own car at these events.


4 thoughts on “Brainerd Friday, 411 Saturday…

  1. Great pictures. What a perfect day for it too! We may try to attend thus next year. BTW…just so you know..the more cars you and Christina get, the more our garages look the same. Ronnie has as red 75 Vega that he has since high school. He and his Dad built it for his first car…big block Chevy, roll cage and dough rollers in the back. He used to drag race it. We have recently been taking about getting it back on the road. Trying to decide if it should be a drag racer it auto crossed. Talk to you soon! Keep the stories coming!

    • Thanks Michelle. I know one thing…our garage is getting crowded! I need to bite the bullet and have a shop built behind the house before the weather gets too bad. Right now everything besides the Corvette and Camaro sit outside. Anyway, it was definitely a perfect day for a drive, so we enjoyed it.

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