12 Bolts…

That’s how many bolts I installed today on my Vega. And I even took off work at 2:30. So let’s see, start working at 3:30pm, finish at 9:30, giving me a total of 6 hours of work time. With 12 bolts installed, that’s a rate of two bolts per hour….astonishing, I know. It was a frustrating day in the shop, but I was able to get the header installed, turbo clocked and installed, and down pipe installed. Oh, and I got the oil supply and return lines run to the turbo.

Byrd photo

My little Vega sitting under the street light...this photo was taken a couple years ago. I'm finally putting an engine in it.

The more I look at it, I actually got a fair amount of work done, but it sure didn’t feel like it when the header bolts started giving me trouble. Everything appears to be resolved, so now I need to track down a few more bolts to bolt down the intake. One that’s in place, I can fabricate the piping to and from the intercooler. I’m almost ashamed to say what engine will be powering my Vega, so I’ll leave you hanging on that one…you’ll figure it out soon enough.


2 thoughts on “12 Bolts…

  1. Yay! Progress has begun. Even if it is only 12 bolts, it’s 12 more than you had on it before. We’ll be waiting to hear what powers this dude…..

    • Yeah, I really did get some stuff accomplished, but it was just a frustrating day in the shop. The car should be pretty fun to drive, and I hope it’s dependable enough to drive A LOT.

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