Craziest Model A Ever…

A few months ago I had the opportunity to photograph what I believe is the wildest Model A on this planet. I want to start off by saying that a car like this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like over-the-top, wickedly fast cars, then you’ll enjoy it thoroughly. The owner called me and gave me some details on the car, as well as a link to a few build photos. It was just too crazy of a car to pass up, so we made several attempts to shoot it. Mechanical problems caused a few hiccups, but we finally got together and shot it. With all of the failed attempts I had taken many pictures of the car, so with about 400 photos on file, I’d say I pretty well covered this car from head to toe. Unfortunately, Hot Rod magazine would only use 8 photos in the car’s feature, but I’m very happy with the way it turned out!

Byrd Photo

The art director peeps at Hot Rod did the car justice with a killer layout that really showed the car’s wow factor. If you want to read the full story on the car, you can click the images to view the full res scans of the magazine, but I would like to fill you in, just because I like typing 820 cubic inches. Yep…this Model A features an 820ci engine. A Jon Kaase Ford Hemi to be exact. The engine and all of its internals (and externals) are nothing short of spectacular, so this was a fun photo shoot. Photographing the interior proved to be difficult because of the naturally tight confines of a Ford Model A sedan, combined with the maze of roll cage and chassis tubing. The exterior shots were easy because a car of this magnitude tends to look good at any angle. I shot until it was completely dark outside, and that was that. I really enjoy shooting one-off, super crazy cars like this, and I’m glad this one made it into the February 2012 issue of Hot Rod magazine. Check it out…

Byrd Photo

Byrd Photo

And just for fun, here’s a shot they didn’t use, of Robert’s 2,000hp Model A on the street!

Byrd Photo

Yes...2,000hp on the street. It's not practical but I don't care.


3 thoughts on “Craziest Model A Ever…

  1. Nothing short of ridiculous! I love it! Besides, practical? Who needs practical in a retro/street/rat rod? I don’t even know what to call this one.

    Excellent shots. I would love to see how the open road looks from the cockpit. Between the chopped top and that behemoth blower, I imagine the entire highway is a blind spot. Then again, the only thing you really need to cruise in a machine like this is a rear view mirror, considering everything is a quarter mile behind you!

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