Cool Picture of a Terrible Car

I’ve been known to buy and sell cars in an effort to make a couple bucks on the side. I rarely strike gold, but I struck the color brown when I got into the habit of buying Pontiac Firebirds. In the past 5 years, I’ve bought 4 of them, all fourth generation Firebirds. Three of them were Formulas, meaning they had LT1 engines. One of them was a six-speed car. I have never had any luck selling these cars, even when I feel like I get a good deal. Anyway, the whole point of this post is a pretty cool picture I took of my latest Firebird purchase, which occurred this time last year. The street light makes for a super green background, and the lights from our garage give the red paint a nice look. I told Christina to slap me if I ever consider buying another LT1 car, haha!

Byrd Photo

Ok, so not ALL LT1 F-Bodies are junk...but the ones I've owned haven't been too great.


One thought on “Cool Picture of a Terrible Car

  1. I love the Firebird Trans Am! I’ve always wanted a black one with the gold phoenix on the hood. I believe it was the 2st gen. cars. Of course, the 69-70 bird was the sweetest! If someone plopped one down in my driveway, no matter what the condition, I wouldn’t refuse it!

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