My Kind of Mopars

It doesn’t take long to figure out that I’m a “Chevy guy”, although I like to think that my taste in cars is fairly broad. I guess you could’ve easily noticed that by my infatuation with Henry J’s and other oddball cars. Anyway, I’ve owned a few Mopars but nothing quite as nice as two cars that I photographed at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals South in Knoxville, Tennessee last spring. I’d seen the bright red Dodge at the cruise in at Coker Tire during the 2010 Hot Rod Power Tour and I wanted to shoot it then, but time constraints kept me from doing so. I spotted the car and another unique Mopar as soon as I made my first walk-through at the Nats South, so it was time to get it done.

Byrd Photo

Byrd Photo

When I walked up to the owner, I did my normal pitch about shooting the car, and he seemed receptive, but his son yelled out, “if you’re gonna shoot that one, you have to shoot the one behind it too” in a joking manner. He seemed surprised when I told him that I wanted to shoot it, but I knew I could do something with it. So, I shot both cars that evening. The feature on the bright red car ran in the November 2011 issue of Car Craft magazine, and the old drag car recently came out in the March 2012 issue of Car Craft. Take a look at the cars, including a shot that didn’t make the magazine. BTW, you can click on the magazine spread pictures to see open up a larger one.

Byrd Photo

Love the looks of this car! Click on the picture to view the feature on Car Craft's website.

Byrd Photo

The two killer Mopars together...


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