Lights Out 3 Radial Rumble at SGMP

Being the crafty car guy that I am, I figured out a way to include a trip to South Georgia Motorsports Park into our Florida vacation. SGMP is right off Interstate 75, just north of Valdosta, so I’ve always wanted to stop by there. SGMP is also home to the biggest outlaw races of the year, promoted by ORTC, so I may have scheduled our entire vacation around visiting this huge event. Regardless of my ulterior motive to visit a drag strip on our vacation, we had a great time, and hated to leave! Next time, we’ll definitely stay for the entire event. Unfortunately, this one would end up being rained out on Sunday, just like the Daytona 500.

I took a couple hundred pictures while at Lights Out 3 and was wowed at the wheelstands, which seemed to be plentiful. Track prep was flawless, so the cars were flying. I saw two 4.32 passes in the Radial vs. the World class, which is just crazy to me. Generally, when I see this sort of class run, anything in the 4’s is a strong pass. However, I’m accustomed to a high-altitude track, compared to SGMP, so the E.T.’s are drastically different. Anyway, we had a good time, and saw a bunch of high end outlaw street cars, so you can bet I’ll be visiting SGMP again for one of ORTC’s events. Check out my favorite pictures here, or view the full gallery by clicking here.


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