Pete Jackson Fuel Injection

As you may know I’m an absolute nerd for vintage speed parts. Well, the bug has bitten again, and my dad and I bought a new piece. We spotted this setup a few years ago at Tim Dixon’s shop, and finally got around to buying it a couple months ago. He had even priced it to us when we first saw it, but somehow, he managed to keep it all this time, so we bought it.

Byrd Photo

The intake manifold and injector stacks are in perfect condition.

Byrd Photo

Pete Jackson apparently had his castings done in Mexico because our manifold has "Mexico" stamped in it, along with this "Jackson" casting.

Upon first glance, we assumed it was a Hilborn injection setup. It’s easy to assume that, just like it’s easy to assume any magnesium wheel is a Halibrand. Anyway, after further inspection, the fuel injection unit was made by Pete Jackson….yeah, the gear drive guy. Turns out, he made these fuel injectors for a few years, in the late ’60s and early ’70s, but stopped production when he realized that profits were not all that great. Even though it may not be as diserable as a Hilborn, the Jackson setup is pretty rare, so we scored a cool piece. Along with the actual intake manifold and injector stacks, we got the Jackson fuel block, as well as the Jackson belt-driven pump, and the Jackson crank pulley to drive the pump.

Byrd Photo

Here's the Jackson fuel block, which sits between the stacks, and feeds the eight hoses.

Byrd Photo

The belt-driven Jackson pump is seen here with the standard V-belt crank pulley, as well as the special pulley and adapter to drive the pump. Cool stuff!

According to Tim, something isn’t right with the injectors, because the engine he tried it on sounded like the throttle was wide open, even though the blades were closed. Who knows…maybe we’ll make it work on our Lyndwood dragster, or maybe we’ll just put it with the rest of our junk.


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