First Friday Cruise In–Gadsden, Alabama

I definitely get around to a lot of events. I go to a BUNCH of car shows, nostalgia drag events, and regular drag racing events all over the Southeast, so if there’s an event within a couple hours from home, there’s a pretty good chance I’ve tried it out. One cruise in, however, I had not attended was the First Friday Cruise In located in downtown Gadsden, Alabama. It’s held on the first Friday of the month…hence the name. Now that I’ve seen just how cool it is, I hate that I’ve missed it for so long!

Gadsden Alabama Cruise In

The crowd kept growing as the night went on...we left about 30 minutes before dark, but the town was really hoppin'! I'll definitely come back to the Gadsden Cruise In!

Bagged Caddy Convertible

I had never actually heard of the Gadsden Cruise In until Asa Mulinix told me about it on Facebook. He gets around to a BUNCH of car shows and cruise ins, and let me know about this one, so the wife and I change to our weekend plans to incorporate Gadsden as a pit stop!

We arrived in Gadsden at about 4:30 local time–I thought we’d be fairly early, but there was already a nice turnout. I grabbed a handful of flyers for the Coker Tire and Honest Charley Cruise In and thought I’d have a tough time getting rid of all of them. Boy was I wrong! I ran out of my first big handful of flyers, so I went back to the car and got the rest of ’em….then proceeded to run out of those too! It turned out to be a great event with an awesome turnout of cars and trucks! Lots of good ol’ American muscle cars, with a nice mix of hot rods, rat rods and the like. We even saw Paul Atkins (famous interior guy) and his very very cool Corvette convertible, along with several other high end hot rods from the area.

Biscayne Sleeper

Oh how I love sleepers! This plain jane Chevy is so with black steelies, and a big block under the hood.

Gadsden Alabama Cruise In

It was nice to step out and see a different crowd of cars and trucks. Definitely some cool stuff (like the Chevy pickup pictured) and some cars that can only be classified as "different"!

Paul Atkins Corvette Convertible

I love Corvettes with vintage flavor, but the modern approach is pretty cool too. This one belongs to Paul Atkins, who has become a household name in the automotive upholstery business. His car is very nice.

Gadsden’s Cruise In has a festival vibe with lots of vendors and several musical acts, including a killer three-piece blues/southern rock band. They played lots of Allman Brothers stuff, so I was instantly a fan. As we were on our way out, we grabbed some fried goodies from one of the many food vendors, then headed East toward Lawrenceville, Georgia, where we’d be staying for the night. Our long drive was highlighted by a late night stop at The Varsity for a couple of chili-covered pieces of Atlanta cuisine. All in all, the First Friday Cruise In was well worth the drive, and I hope the folks that received flyers for the Coker Cruise In will make the drive up to Chattanooga to join us on April 21st! Either way, there’s lots more cool blog material cycling through my brain, so I should have a steady stream of stuff for a while!

1966 Chevelle 300 deluxe two door post

Out of all the cars in attendance, this one was probably my favorite. A '66 Chevelle two-door post is cool enough as it is, but when you add a very healthy Procharged big block into the mix, it really gets my attention. Love the Rallye wheels with no caps.

Procharged Big Block Chevy

This thing is bound to make big power! I don't know the specs, but anytime you see a cog-driven Procharger, there's a good chance it's making some serious steam.

1966 Chevelle Interior

Here's my favorite part of the Chevelle...the column shifter! Love it!


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