Eric Layne Memorial Car Show

Car show season almost always kicks off with a few local events, and builds up to the larger shows in Knoxville, Nashville, etc. so it’s always nice to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the first few shows. One event that I didn’t want to miss was the Eric “Crash” Layne Memorial Car Show, which was held March 31st at the Graysville Church of God. Eric Layne was a car guy who fought a long battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and passed away this time last year. Eric’s stepdad, Charles Bandy played a huge part in putting this show together, and he also made a big impact on Eric’s life by having his 1972 Plymouth Barracuda restored for him and finished just in time for him to go for a ride in it. And it’s not JUST a Barracuda…it’s a Hemi ‘Cuda!

1972 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda

This show was in memory of Eric Layne, and this is his car...a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda with a 426ci Hemi! He loved this car!

Graysville Car Show

A great turnout of cars made for a fun show. I saw a few cars I'd never seen before, and the regulars made their way out as well.

The car show brought out a great crowd, even with a threat of rain. Nearly 100 cars rolled into the show, and a great deal of money was raised for the church in the process, thanks to a big 50/50 drawing and lots of donations. Christina and I made our way to the show in the Corvette, and had a great time. We left a bit early, and headed north to Crossville for the first Bounty Race of the year. Just another Saturday for me…a car show, a good drag race and a burnout in the Corvette thrown in the middle!

1964 Corvette coupe and 1965 Corvette convertible

Here's a shot of my car, parked with my dad's long time friend Bill Sims' freshly-finished Corvette convertible. My dad and Wally (his body shop partner) built Bill's car and did a killer job, considering the car's original condition.

Hemi Road Runner

Very slick Plymouth with a big's hard not to love these vintage Mopars!

Graysville Car Show 2

I'm glad Bandy had a good turnout for this event, since it was in memorial of his stepson Eric, who loved cars.


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