March Bounty Race Action

As usual, we spent the last Saturday of the month in Crossville, Tennessee, home of I-40 Dragway and the Bounty Race. It’s a pretty regular event for us, so it’s always fun when the first event of the year rolls around. For the March event, the Bounty Race had a great turnout, with lots of anticipation leading up to the biggest index race in history, which happens next month at the eighth mile track. We saw lots of great racing action, with a few good wheelstands thrown in the mix. Click HERE for the full gallery or you can view some of my favorite shots right here!

March 2012 Bounty Race

This Road Runner was one of my favorite cars to watch, with its twisted up launches and low 5-second passes.

March 2012 Bounty Race

Here's a decent shot of the best wheelstand of the day, done by Jason Coons in his small block-powered Mustang, which runs in the Extreme Street class. He would eventually get the car to stay on the ground, and run very impressive numbers.

March 2012 Bounty Race

Good wheels up action from a 6.0 index car.

March 2012 Bounty Race

The thoughts of a gravel flying into my lens made this the only rear view burnout shot of the day, haha.

March 2012 Bounty Race

Michael Newcome's Mustang is sporting some fresh paint on the front end and had a nice glow under the lights at I-40 Dragway

March 2012 Bounty Race

Another racer with fresh paint is Ricky Millard with his third generation Camaro. The new look is awesome, and his car is always deadly consistent in the 7.0 index class.

March 2012 Bounty Race

Shane Stack's Monte Carlo is a killer car and he did an amazing driving job in the semi finals, and eventually took home the victory in his twin turbo big block G body.


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