May 2012 Bounty Race Coverage

I’ve been going to the Bounty Race on a regular basis for the past 4 years. I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff at I-40 Dragway…wheelstands, wild burnouts and out-of-control passes that leave you wondering how the guy managed to save it. When I heard that Jim was offering $5,000 to the winner of the Pro Street class for the May Bounty Race event, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

Unfortunately, the racer turnout wasn’t quite what I expected. For 5 grand, I figured at least 20 Limited Street-style cars would show up. All of the big names that had committed to racing came to the track, but it seemed like most of the local guys had issues that prevented them from racing in this big event. I missed seeing guys like Harvey Harness, Tim Kincaid, Stephen Adams and Rick Wetherbee, among many others that come to the Bounty Race regularly.

Regardless of the missing local racers, the event went on without a hitch. It was very hot, with the sun beating down on the track, so it certainly offered a challenge to the outlaw guys. A hot track, combined with 2,000hp is a tough obstacle to face, and it resulted in a wild ride for Steve Jackson in the second round of qualifying. His Procharged Mustang has been 4.30’s in the eighth, so it definitely has the power, but he pushed it a little too hard, which sent his Mustang into some serious tire spin. He counter steered, and stayed in the gas as long as possible but finally clipped the finish line beams before crossing into the opposite lane and tagging the guard rail. Very minimal damage was done to the car…a bent header and a couple of scrapes is a blessing when you consider how bad it could’ve been.

Other than that, the action was fairly tame. Racers had to pull lots of power to get down the hot track, but an outlaw dragster came out and gave all of them a lesson with a blistering 4.10 pass in the heat of the day. In addition to pictures, I’ve also embedded a few videos of the action, taken with my Nikon D7000 camera.

Congrats to the winners, Spencer Smith in 7.0, Justin Dempsey in 6.0, Tommy Hayes in Extreme Street and Carlton Thompson in Pro Street. CLICK HERE for a link to the entire gallery.

–Spencer Smith, Winner of $2,000 7.0 Heads Up

–Justin Dempsey (red Camaro), Winner of $2,000 6.0 Heads Up

–Tommy Hayes, Winner of $1,000 Extreme Street

–Carlton Thompson, Winner of $5,000 Pro Street


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