Have I Mentioned I’m Busy??

Okay so my last blog was about being busy but I can’t begin to explain the craziness that is my life. Simply toooooo much stuff going on.


I left work early on Thursday afternoon and headed to Goodlettsville TN for Chevell-abration. The event started with a night at Music City Raceway a historic drag strip just north of Nashville. It’s a pretty cool place and even though it was off the beaten path, it was a nice place with lots of room!

So I shot the event for Super Chevy magazine so I don’t want to spoil the coverage by posting here. I returned home only to fly to Tampa FL on Monday. It was part of a work function and we returned the next day but it certainly distracted me from lots of work at the office as well as the finishing touches on the abandoned drag strips book.

I went back to work on Wednesday but left at 6am Friday morning to attend the Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY. Now that I’m back home we have to get ready for the Great Race since we’ll be heading out for two weeks early Wednesday morning. So, without a doubt…..I’m busy. More on the Hot Rod Reunion a little later.


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