August 2012 Bounty Race

Another month goes by and it’s time for another Bounty Race at I-40 Dragway. I had a few other things to accomplish, so I got to the track a little later than usual, but still did my best to cover it. Car count was a little better than months past, but there are still a lot of cars that are in the midst of repairs or rebuilds.

August 2012 Bounty Race

My pictures aren’t always great at night, but I love the nighttime atmosphere at I-40 Dragway…you can always feel the excitement in the air after the sun goes down.

As soon as I arrived, German Valdez made a pass in his turbocharged Mustang, which runs in the Pro Street class. The car looked like it was on a clean pass, but not a crazy fast pass, as the 4.53 on the scoreboard suggested. Something under the car caused the timing system to start when the rear tires went through the beams, which greatly affected the elapsed time. I’m still not sure what happened there, but it caused a bit of confusion.

August 2012 Bounty Race

Valdez carrying the wheels for the first 100 feet or so…fun to watch!

August 2012 Bounty Race

Mike Farley’s new Extreme Street car…it will be a contender when he gets it straightened out.

On my walk through the pits, I had to check out Mike Farley’s new car–a Chevy II, very similar to Marcus Wooden’s car. The car sounded good and went straight, but he said the converter needs to make another trip to Alabama for a few changes. Running in the Extreme Street class, Mike made a few 5.70 passes and made it to the finals…not bad for a 377ci small block on one kit in a 3,200 pound car! The man to beat in Extreme Street is definitely Tommy Hayes. He ran a 5.38 in his big block Chevy-powered Mustang, which is under the cap for the class. After adding the required weight to the car, he went out and ran a 5.40…dead on the number.

August 2012 Bounty Race

Caught this shot of Tommy Hayes backing up from his burnout with the late evening sun making for a cool background.

August 2012 Bounty Race

Billy Taylor won the Cheap Street class in his nitrous-assisted small block Mustang.

Tommy proved that he was the car to beat and took home the victory in Extreme Street. For the Cheap Street class, Billy Taylor wheeled his Mustang to the win. Then, in Pro Street Todd Lyle defended his title for yet another month. The coolest part of the night was Shane Moses taking all the money in the index classes, winning the 6.0 and 7.0 class in his deadly consistent Mustang. Overall it was a good night of racing, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to next month’s Bounty Race because of an event for work. September and October will be very busy months for me, so look forward to more event updates and cool pictures! For now, enjoy my favorite shots here, and see the full gallery by clicking this link!

Stock Suspension Chevy II Wheelstand

I’ve photographed Marcus Wooden’s Chevy II many, many times, but I’ve rarely seen it pull the wheels more than a couple feet in the air. However, his first qualifying shot surprised everyone, including me!

Stock Suspension Chevy II Wheelstand

If only I had been about 10 feet further down track, I would have gotten the whole car in the frame at its highest point and the shot wouldn’t have been blurred. Anyway, it was fun to watch through the camera, and fun to hear Rick Wetherbee give Marcus a hard time about getting out of the throttle.

Blown and Injected Big Block Nova

Yay, I forgot my ear plugs again! Heath Littrell’s Nova makes a pass in Pro Street qualifying.

Big Block Chevy powered Ford Mustang drag car

Another car that made lots of noise was Jim Brackett’s newly-revamped Mustang. This tube-chassis car is powered by a big block Chevy with split Dominators and a fogger nitrous system. He plans to run in local 4.70 index races, and did some testing during the Bounty Race.

Chevy Corvette Drag Racing

Sometimes I can pull off a good non-flash action shot at night…this is a nice example of Chuck Oran’s Corvette during its burnout.

Nitrous big block Chevy Camaro Drag Car

Another cool thing about nighttime drag racing photography is nitrous purges…for some reason every time I see a big purge like this, I think about the OLD days of Pro Modified racing, when something like this would really get the crowd going!

Stock Suspension G-body Chevy Malibu

This car is fun to watch, although it appeared to leave the line a little softer than the last time I saw it in Knoxville.

Stock suspension fox body Mustang drag racing

Wes Brown brought out his four-eye Fox Body car to run in the Cheap Street class. It’s a great looking car with a lot of potential!

Chevy II Nova Drag Car

The index classes were packed with racers, so the action was fierce! I noticed LOTS of redlight starts though.

Stock suspension fox body mustang

The track was about as good as I’ve ever seen it. Racers were able to throw some serious power at it, and make it stick. Tommy Hayes’ Mustang left the line very hard, carrying the wheels way down track.

August 2012 Bounty Race

As I started to leave, I grabbed this shot of Susan Howe preparing for her burnout. Not much action in this one, but I just liked the setting for it.


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