A September to Remember

Or maybe forget…I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out because it ain’t over yet. It’s another one of those months that I’m on the go 24/7 with events every weekend and plenty of stuff to do in between. I obviously haven’t had a chance to do much blogging, but I’ve certainly seen a lot of cool stuff in the past few weeks. Want a recap? Sure you do…

1964 Corvette hot rod

Despite all of the work-related stuff, I did get to enjoy some time behind the wheel of my car, which is always a good thing!

My September began on the 1st with a whirlwind trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky. I left the house at 6am and drove to Beech Bend Raceway Park for the LTX Shootout. It was my first time to the event, and honestly, I wouldn’t have gone had I not worked out a deal to cover it for GM High Tech Performance magazine. It was a cool deal…definitely a small event, but it was fun. By the way, after I shot the event, I photographed a feature car and drove back home. Looooooong day!

LTX Shootout 2012

I can’t show much from the LTX Shootout, since it would spoil the magazine coverage, but this is one of the cars in competition. Odd to see a ’98-02 bodywork on a LTX car.

Six days later, I made a very familiar trip to Bowling Green, but this time it was for the Holley LS Fest. This trip was sanctioned by Super Chevy magazine, so I had a solid agenda, and plenty of good stuff to shoot. I found a few feature cars, and got a bunch of great coverage, so I really enjoyed the weekend. Christina came with me, since it was technically our anniversary weekend. Yep…she’s awesome and allowed me to move our anniversary because of LS Fest.

LS Fest 2012

This Corvette made a 200+mph pass shortly after I snapped this rolling burnout shot!

So, Sunday morning, I knew what time I needed to be back in Dayton to make it down to work for a special photo shoot. I left Bowling Green at 11am and figured I could make it to Chattanooga by 5. Well, after a lengthy gas and lunch stop, my calculations didn’t work out. So, instead of dropping Christina off at home, she went straight down to Chattanooga with me. The special photo shoot involved a new Fiat 500 and whitewalls. It’s an interesting combination, to say the least!

In case you haven’t been keeping up, we were 10 days into the month at this point. The next week would be spent preparing for the Coker Tire Challenge, an annual vintage car rally event. It’s generally a low-key deal, compared to the Great Race, so there wasn’t much pressure. After working the event Thursday through Sunday, I went in early on Monday and Tuesday morning to photograph the Model A Restorers Club visit to Coker Tire. Then, Thursday, a big Edsel group came through at Coker.

Coker Tire Challenge 2012

Friday of the Coker Tire Challenge proved to be one of my best days of shooting. We found a few great spots and I really enjoyed it. Look forward to a recap of this event soon.

Model A Restorers Club Chattanooga

Model A’s invade Coker Tire!

Edsel Club Cleveland, TN

And then the Edsel club came to town…what a crazy week!

This past Friday, I helped organize a small cruise in and cookout at Coker, in preparation for the Somernites Power Cruise event. Coker sponsored the event, and acted as one of the starting points for the cruise. Other points include Bowling Green, Louisville and Cincinnati. Anyway, I drove the Corvete to work on Friday to help support the little hot rod hangout. Coker co-workers, Jason and Aaron grilled up some great food. The next morning, a bunch of us headed north to Somerset, Kentucky…I think the total number of cars reached approximately 40. It was an impressive line of cars, rumbling through the little towns along highway 27. The Somernites event was top notch and had more than 1,700 cars! I’ll have a separate post for that trip.

Friday night’s hot rod hangout was a cool way to welcome the folks that participated in the Somernites Power Cruise. Good burgers and awesome hot rods!

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

I jumped ahead and grabbed this shot of Keith Floyd leading the pack on highway 27, north of Spring City. Such a fun event!

Next weekend is the Coker Tire and Honest Charley Cruise In. We’re expecting a huge crowd, and I’ve once again tried very hard to promote the event well. Good weather is all I can hope for.

Aside from all this work-related stuff, we’ve had a bunch of stuff happening at the Byrd residence. The biggest is the shop, which is still in the process of being built in my backyard. It’s a 24×32 pole barn-style building and we’re hoping to have it all done before cold weather hits. I’ve also spent a number of evenings working on Christina’s Camaro in an attempt to lower the brake pedal. It was uncomfortable to drive, so I took a simple task and turned it into a long term project. It is finally fixed though, and I’m happy with it.

Tommy Lee Byrd Garage

My new shop is moving along nicely! I can’t wait until it has a floor!

Camaro Brake Pedal

I can’t believe I spent so much time and money to fix the brake pedal height in this car. But after I took it down the road, it was totally worth it!


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