Important Stuff

Ok, so I assume that anyone who follows my blog might be worried that I’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I’ve let the last couple of months slip away, without very much activity here on the page. There’s a perfectly good reason for the lack of updates, but it certainly isn’t because I haven’t had any relevant content to post. It’s because I literally don’t have time. For instance, I just got a haircut yesterday, and I’ve needed one for a month….you know it’s bad when you don’t have time for a haircut.
Anyway, I hate to throw another one of these general life update posts out here, because I’m sure you just want to see some cool car stuff. I don’t blame you for that. The reason I’m posting this is because a little Byrd is on the way. We’re not sure if it’s a boy or a girl just yet, but we’re pretty dang excited about it. All we can hope is that it’s healthy and that it likes cars.

In my blogs, I’ve mentioned my dad many, many times. It’s because of him that I am so deeply involved in all this car stuff, and I just hope that I can impact my child’s life in the same way, especially if this baby ends up being a boy. Either way, I’m excited and ready to start this new chapter of life.

As winter time approaches, I imagine I’ll have a bit more time to sit down and write these blogs, and cover some events that got left behind earlier in the year. I have another month of wall-to-wall events to cover, so when the dusts settles, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of cool stuff to post. For now, keep us in your prayers, and let’s hope this baby (and my wife) is 100% healthy.


4 thoughts on “Important Stuff

  1. Congratulations to both of you! You and I were just speaking about this very subject at Chevell-abration this summer and now it’s a reality. It’s an experience like no other.

    BTW good to see you again at the Buick event this weekend.

    • Thank you very much Gary. We are definitely in full-on baby mode here, so it’s an exciting time for the both of us. I had a good time at the GS Nationals…glad we ran into each other.

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