Somernites Power Cruise

Out of all the years that I’ve heard great things about the massive cruise in events in Somerset, Kentucky, I finally made the trip for the first time last month. I didn’t actually plan on going to this particular event, but Coker Tire sponsored the Power Cruise and hosted a starting point in Chattanooga, so I figured I’d support the cause. I’m sure glad I did, because it was a great way to spend the weekend.

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

The Dayton gang is huddled up and ready to hop in line and head to Somerset, Kentucky.

Coker Tire had a kickoff party on the Friday night before the cruise, so I drove the Corvette to work that day. Fellow Coker employees helped with the kickoff deal, by cooking some tasty burgers and hot dogs. We definitely had a good time and ended up with about 40 cars in attendance.

The next morning, Christina and I hopped in the Corvette and met up with the gang, as they passed through Dayton on Highway 27. We would stay on 27 for the duration of the trip, so it turned out to be a nice, medium-speed cruise to Somerset. My car is low geared, so I enjoyed the back roads, compared to interstate speeds.

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

Wally’s ’50 Chevy made the trip as well. This is the car that my buddy Cory chopped and channeled while we were in tech school. We learned a lot on this car!

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

I blasted ahead of the pack, so I could catch a shot of the leaders as they motored up the road. That’s Keith Floyd in the Olds convertible pace car.

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

This car always gets a lot of attention. It belongs to Denny George, and he’s put lots of miles on it. By the way, it’s a fiberglass body on a Buick Regal frame, with a blown big block Chevy!

We arrived in Somerset a little after noon, and the place was already packed. A steady line of cars would work its way into the downtown area for the remainder of the day, resulting in an overall turnout of 1,737 cars. I made a lap of the place, making sure to stop by the swap meet area first. I found a couple of Kelsey Hayes Magstar wheels for cheap, so I grabbed them as a souvenir. I’d never heard of a Magstar being made with a large bolt pattern, so I figured they were pretty rare.

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

Since my buddy Josh built his Maverick, I’ve really grown to like these cars. This one is especially awesome, because it’s super slick and has a supercharged small block Ford. I also love the stance and tire/wheel combo!

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

I just couldn’t resist getting a picture of this…

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

Normally, a completely stock Chevy pickup wouldn’t excite me very much, but I really like this one. I’d love to find one just like it and put it in the dirt!

From there, we walked a good bit and I took plenty of pictures of cars with Coker Tires, as well as stuff that I like. When it was all over, we fired up the Corvette and cruised the strip for a while. The cops seemed to be fairly active, so we didn’t see much action, aside from one good burnout by an LS1-powered Trans Am. The next morning, we made the three-hour drive home and thankfully made the trip without any problems. It was a lot of fun, so I think we’ll be attending the Somernites Cruise In more often in 2013. Click HERE for a full gallery from the event!

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

Here I go again with Pro Street stuff, but this Chevelle really reached out to me. Great paint, no crazy blower, big-n-little Cragar’s…all good stuff for this early ’80s style street machine.

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

With more than 1,700 cars in attendance, getting out of the area was tough, but it made for some great photo opportunities! This lineup of gassers is a nice example.

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

I remember seeing cars exactly like this Pro Street Corvette cruise the strip in Pigeon Forge, so it was cool to see this one making the rounds in Somerset.

Somernites Power Cruise 2012

The ol’ Corvette did really good on the trip. I was a bit leery of driving a long distance with slicks, but they held up just fine.


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