Paradise Show and Go Fall 2012

I’m still trying to get caught up on all of my event coverages, and it didn’t help that I had a double headers a couple of weekends ago. My dad and I planned to take our ’67 Camaro drag car down there to test it, and see if we could possibly sell it. Unfortunately, those plans fell through, but we still made the trip down to Calhoun, Georgia to have a good time. It’s always fun, and the Paradise Show and Go event always offers lots of excitement thanks to a wide variety of cars.

Paradise Show and Go 2012

Now this is what I like to see…two flat black ’55 Chevys racing on a drag strip that was built in 1961. Which one do you think won this race?

Paradise Show and Go 2012

The racing at Paradise is always unpredictable. You never know if the car is going to light up the tires or do a crazy wheelstand, so it’s definitely exciting.

The fall Show and Go had all sorts of cool stuff, and I actually had enough time (and cloud cover) to photograph a car for RPM magazine while we waited for the racing action to start. We also scoured the swap meet before the racing started, and bought a couple of Fenton wheels. There seems to be a pattern with swap meets and wheel purchases…I’m ok with it though.

Paradise Show and Go 2012

This guy scared me. His Corvette made serious power and he had no problem revving it to 6,000 rpm and dumping the clutch. Notice that he doesn’t have a helmet on…this was during the track warm up.

Paradise Show and Go 2012

Robert Killian always brings out a cool car, and this bright red ’33 Ford is just one of his collection. It’s powered by a blown 502 and ran 6.80’s in the eighth. This isn’t your average street rod!

Paradise Show and Go 2012

I look forward to the Paradise swap meet…it is always packed with good stuff!

When the racing starts, I love being trackside to take pictures, in case something crazy happens. I’ve seen cars do crazy wheelstands and be on the verge of crashing at Paradise, so it’s a scary kind of fun. Amazingly, I’ve never actually seen a crash at Paradise in the six years that I’ve attended the Show and Go events. With that said, check out my favorite pictures from the fall 2012 event and make plans to be there in 2013. Click HERE to see the full gallery of pictures!

Paradise Show and Go 2012

All sorts of cool stuff is scattered around the property at Paradise Drag Strip, including this old 2wd sled pulling Corvette. Weird, but awesome.

Paradise Show and Go 2012

Ernie Lankford’s Opel GT twists hard off the line!

Paradise Show and Go 2012

Whoopsie! Paradise gets a new battle scar…

Paradise Show and Go 2012

It’s amazing what a set of magnesium wheels will do for a hot rod. This Hemi-powered Model A looks downright mean with its new tire and wheel combo!

Paradise Show and Go 2012

I love this ’55 Chevy…it looks mild mannered but yanks the wheels off the ground when it’s go-time. I like those gold-centered American’s, too.

Paradise Show and Go 2012

The highlight of the event was Travis Burney’s crazy wheelstand in his newly-completed S-10 pickup. This thing has big power!


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