Test and Tune Action at Brainerd

As if I already didn’t have enough to do, I decided to go to Brainerd Drag Strip a couple of Fridays ago. I had not yet tested the G8 GT after the new exhaust, so it was a good chance to do so, since the temperatures were cool. I heard a lot of other folks were going to be testing, so I figured I could go shoot a few pictures, test the car and shoot the bull.

Dodge Viper Drag Racing

Usually, when you see Dodge Vipers at the drag strip, they spin the tires and generally perform poorly. This one, however, hooked pretty good and ran 7’s in the eighth mile.


The G8 picked up a lot just from the exhaust swap. Previously, my best eighth mile E.T was 8.85 and I was able to cut that down to a 8.68.

Unfortunately, I wandered into the pits and got to talking, after a Chevelle broke an axle and laid stranded on the track. I didn’t notice when they got the track cleared, so I missed out on a couple of the wildest passes of the night. First off, Billy Smith came out with a car that he’s been working on. He left the line on somewhere close to 30 pounds of boost, and it actually hooked, so you can imagine what happened. I was down in the pits and didn’t have a view of it, but I heard it happen and knew I had missed a big wheelstand. Then, as I made my way back toward the line, Glenn McCary made a pass, and I promise you it looked like he went through the traps on two wheels. So yeah, I missed all the good stuff.

Turbo Volkswagen Beetle

This clean VW Beetle had everyone’s attention…

Turbo Volkswagen Beetle

…and here’s why!

Ford Mustang Drag Racing

Here’s the car that Billy Smith put on the back bumper. I anxiously awaited his next pass, which wasn’t nearly as exciting….hate it when that happens!

Since most of the photos were taken at night, they’re not my best work, but I just figured I’d post them up. Take a look here for my favorites, or you can CLICK HERE for the full gallery.

Pro Street Dodge Challenger

A great example of a pro street car that actually sees some track time. Very cool!

Chevelle Broken Axle

This guy’s night ended poorly, as his Chevelle would break an axle on this pass. The car sat low enough to keep the entire wheel, tire and axle from sliding out of the housing.

Nissan GTR Drag Racing

This thing had to be the most impressive car in attendance! On this pass, he lifted out of the throttle at half track and coasted to a 7.40. I heard he later went 6.40 on a full throttle pass….wow!

55 Chevy Burnout

Shannon Medley had his ’55 Chevy out and proved once again why budget builds are so awesome.

Turbo Fox Body Mustang 275 Drag Radial

Shane Martin has made a lot of progress with his turbo Mustang, and he’s one of the regulars for Brainerd’s new 275 drag radial heads up class.


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