My kind of Black Friday!

Don’t worry, this post isn’t about shopping. It’s about my favorite color to shoot–black! I’ve heard a lot of photographers complain about black cars, but I thoroughly enjoy shooting them, especially when the conditions are right. Lighting has to be precise to get the right look, but when you nail it….good stuff happens.

Black 1955 Chevy 150 Sedan Sleeper

Ernie Lankford’s ’55 Chevy sets the standard for the black-on-black-on-black look. FYI, it’s a big block, four-speed car.

So, I figured with all of the Black Friday hype, I’d post a blog with a bunch of the black cars I’ve photographed in the past few years. Enjoy!

Black C5 Corvette with CCW Drag Pack

Another good example of black goodness. Light conditions were not ideal with this shoot, but it still turnout out pretty good.

Black 1970 Chevelle Pro Touring

Black cars require sunrise or sunset lighting for the right look. It’s all about the horizon line and reflections so I try to find clean areas with no distractions.

Black Ford Custom F-100

I’m always careful with white balance because it can sometimes ruin a good photo shoot. Warm light is always best for black cars.

1986 Monte Carlo SS

GM didn’t have a very good black in the ’80s, but it looks good on this ’86 Monte Carlo.

1972 Buick Skylark

I’m not really into Buicks, but this one is amazing. Gary Steele had the right idea with building a bare bones sleeper out of his ’72 Skylark.

1967 Corvette Pro Touring

I had cloudy conditions for this photo shoot, but the gray reflections offered a cool look. It was almost completely dark when I shot this one.

1969 Mustang Pro Touring

One of my favorite Mustangs that I’ve shot…hard to get much lower than this and still be drivable.

1968 Camaro Day 2 Street Machine

This ’68 Camaro was my introduction to Day 2 restorations. Period correct from front to back, this Camaro has all sorts of great details from the early 70’s era.

Billy Smith Twin Turbo Mustang

Billy Smith’s outlaw Mustang is another one of my victims.

C6 Z06 Corvette

Great conditions make for great photos…

1967 Chevy II Pro Touring

Mark Turner’s slammed ’67 Chevy II undergoing a sunset photo shoot at the Nashville Airport.


One thought on “My kind of Black Friday!

  1. Hello Tom – contact me when you can – I am on screen as Harry Hall drag racer – I don’t facebook or twitter or anything like that – my first race was Linden Airport – NJ – 1954 – I am in the East Coast Hall of Fame – don’t have blood – just oil – thanks HH – 6109705392- H – PA – I contributed a lot to Don Montgomery’s books on blown gassers – which was a good part of my past – I was KSPittmans teammate – I had the 33 Wiilys – he had the Opel PS -page 112 -LDS — that was ” Funny Farmer not Fokky – I know Glenn and drove against him with my ” Shenandoah ” FC – regards – HH

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