The Forge Muscle Car Show

I guess this can be considered a “classic” event coverage, or maybe I could say this is “from the vault”. My dad and I attended this event back in 2006 and it still stands as one of the greatest car shows I’ve ever seen. It certainly didn’t have quantity, but the quality and rarity of the cars really made up for the overall size. It was only held in Chattanooga, Tennessee for one year, and I’m glad I had my camera with me.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

One of several legendary Hemi cars in attendance. It’s incredible how simple the engines were…Hemi with two big ol’ carburetors.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

The show featured lots of great nostalgia drag cars…and we’re talkin’ real deal cars, not recreations.

This was just before I got started with the magazine photography, but I still came away from the event with some great photos. Unfortunately, they are all low res, but I do have the actual prints (remember when people actually printed photos?) so I can scan them in if needed. Anyway, this event was essentially a one-time deal locally, but it moved to a few other locations before completely fizzling out a couple years ago.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

How ’bout an altered wheelbase Mercury Comet with a mechanically injected 427 cammer?

The Forge Muscle Car Show

The 427 SOHC engines are so big. And so awesome…

The Forge Muscle Car Show

Here’s a crazy barn find before barn finds were cool!

The show was held in the Chattanooga Convention Center, the same place they have the World of Wheels….but this was at least a million times better than any World of Wheels event. I guess there were probably 100 cars in attendance, but all of them were spectacular. Whether they were barn finds, unrestored original cars or perfectly restored cars…they all had HISTORY and most of them were deeply involved with drag racing. Crazy rare cars…Chevy, Ford and Mopar was well represented. It honestly felt like I was sneaking into some unknown museum. I felt like I didn’t deserve to see these cars. And when I found out the show wouldn’t be back in Chattanooga ever again, I felt even more privileged to experience it.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

More nostalgia drag car goodness in the form of a Dodge Daytona. So cool.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

And then there were ZL1’s….lots of em. I particularly liked this one because it was Hugger Orange and had some super wide rear wheels and tires.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

A lineup of pristine 1969 Camaro ZL1 cars. Only 69 were built and there were nearly a dozen in attendance.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

Here’s a shot of an aluminum 427ci big block in one of the many ZL1 Camaros at The Forge Muscle Car show.

We roamed the aisles in amazement. I could’ve stayed there all day. And now, I’m sad that the show no longer exists. So, as I went through some of my archived pictures, I decided to write a little piece on it and toss it up here. Take a look at one of my favorite events of all time, and join me as I continue to drool over the pictures.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

Another awesome Pro Stock Mopar…this time, it’s Dick Landy’s amazing Dodge Challenger.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

A lovely display of Hemi horsepower.

The Forge Muscle Car Show

Yet another amazing vintage drag car!

The Forge Muscle Car Show

I saved the best for last. This might be the only time I will ever see a hemi-headed small block Chevy. It was a very special engine developed by Smokey Yunick. Here’s all you need to know: 302ci, aluminum hemispherical heads, 600hp.


2 thoughts on “The Forge Muscle Car Show

  1. Thanks for the compliment;JFYI Bristol Dragway brought me on board to help with their events.No time to keep this show going.

    Tim Lopata
    The Forge invitational Musclecar Show

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