Where I’ve Been, Corvette Edition

So, I listed off all those events in my previous post and you may be wonder how many of those events were for work and how many were for pleasure. To be perfectly honest, I see every one of those events as work. It’s hard for me to differentiate the two, which has its ups and has its downs. Either way, 2012 was a special year for me, because I drove the Corvette more than ever and had a great time doing it. The car is in need of several repairs and upgrades, but hey, that’s what this stuff is all about. Here’s where the Corvette has gone this year…

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

The first show of the year was just down the road in Graysville, TN. Here, my car is parked with Bill Sims’ roadster, which had just been finished at my dad’s shop.

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

For the first time since 1988, the Corvette made the trip to Pigeon Forge for the Grand Run. It was definitely cool to have a spot at the Sevier County Bank, which is always known to have a bunch of cool cars.

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

The first Chattanooga Cruise In of 2012 was held in April. That’s my wife’s Bite Size Bakery tent in the background…she did really well!

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

Next was the NSRA Street Rod Nationals South in Knoxville, TN. Also pictured is Gerry Burger’s ’40 Ford pickup.

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

My wife and I will sometimes drive separately to events. After all, she has a ’67 Camaro RS/SS of her own, so it makes sense. This photo is from the Strawberry Festival Cruise In here in Dayton.

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

The longest trip of the year was to Somerset, Kentucky for the Somernites Power Cruise. Coker Tire sponsored one leg of the cruise, so I gladly took part in it. What a great event!

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

Although it isn’t a long drive, I always drive the Corvette to the Chattanooga Cruise In, held at Coker Tire and Honest Charley Speed Shop. I had a great time after hours doing a cool photo shoot with a great bunch of new friends.

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

To finish off the year, we went on the Hot Rod Dragon Run, which consisted of approximately 40 cars this year. It was too cool to pass up, and I’ll definitely be doing it again next year!


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