Best of 2012: Drag Racing

Alright, I’m running behind on this stuff, but here we go! My favorite drag racing photos of 2012!

Mustang Wheelstand

Small block, stock suspension car doing its thing. Shot at the Bounty Race at I-40 Dragway.

Road Runner

Killer Mopar yanking the wheels at the March Bounty Race.

Mustang Wheelstand

Wheels up in the near lane, and a sneeze in the far lane. SGMP in February.

Mustang Wheelstand

LOTS of wheelies at SGMP!

57 chevy drag car

Awesome 4.70 heads up racing at Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip. Two ’57 Chevys line up to do battle.

Turbo mustang

Crazy sky…couldn’t pass this up.

Camaro wheelstand

Biggest wheelie of the year! Shot at Draggin’ for Toys at Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip.

Malibu Wheelstand

Awesome stock suspension Malibu carrying the wheels at Knoxville Drag Strip.

Outlaw Mustangs

No action here, but it’s a cool shot with a couple of BAD Mustangs!

Chevy II Wheelstand

Marcus Wooden gets aggressive with his leaf spring, small block Chevy II at the August Bounty Race.

Twisted wheelstand

I know it’s not the fastest way down the track, but it sure looks cool.

Nitrous Explosion


AMX Wheelstand

More wheelstanding action at Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip.

Nova Burnout

Awesome burnout at Knoxville Drag Strip. I need to go to this track again in 2013!

Mustang Wheelstand

You guessed it….another wheelstand!

VW Wheelstand

Almost dragging the motor on this pass! Brainerd has provided lots of great wheelies this year, and I’m looking forward to 2013!


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