I’m a car guy who happens to make his living with photography and writing. Growing up in a hot rod household made me a car guy from early on, and finding friends who shared the same interest only made it worse. Now, I’m battling between my real job, freelance photography, several on-going project cars, and the common struggles of life (aka the American Dream).

This blog will walk you through my daily life, and all of the car guy activities I enjoy so much. I see some interesting stuff, so keep an eye out for updates.


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    • Thanks Nick! Your blog looks great…I really enjoyed the pictures of the Fury and Camaro! I love finding cars like that, even though being out in the elements is tough on an old car.

  1. Hi Tommy,

    I stumbled onto your FB page while looking at Great Race pics. They just passed through my home town, Sudbury Ontario. I’ve always been a nature, landscape photographer, but I’ve recently decided to take a try at Automotive! I don’t own a muscle, classic or exotic but I’m a big fan. Your work is fantastic. If you ever get a moment, I would love to hear what you think of my first images. Some are pretty much as they were shot, others are Photoshopped up quite a bit !
    My page is:


    Thanks and I look forward to your Great Race shots.

    • Hey thanks for stopping by Terence! Glad you could join us for the Great Race…we’re almost to the half-way point and it has been awesome so far! I have a chance to shoot thousands of photos of cars and places that I may never see again, so it’s pretty cool! I checked out your pictures and they all look cool! I generally don’t do a lot of Photoshop work, but I can always appreciate a cool edit! Thanks again, and keep an eye on http://www.greatrace.com or the Great Race Facebook page for updates!

      –Tommy Lee

    • great pictures. i had a bad experience at brainard last year an a friend told me he saw a pic. you posted on my car and i cant find it anywhere. it was the ene of last season on a fri. nite i hav a black 71 chevelle with purple ss stripes. first time ever on the drag strip and only had street tires .made one pass just to get a feel of first time on a drag strip, then tried to make a better pass next time only to shear all the wheel studs off on drivers side from wheel hopping. do you remember it? if you do cld you tell me where it is posted. thanks

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