Hot Rod Reunion 2012

June is undoubtedly my busiest time of the year, especially with the Great Race, which is a 13-day affair this year. Last year, the Great Race knocked me out of going to my favorite event, the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, Kentucky, so I wasn’t exactly pleased by that. However, the dates changed for the 2012 Great Race, so it opened up Father’s Day weekend and allowed my dad and I to head up to Bowling Green for a few days.

NHRA Hot Rod Reunion 2012

Practiced my pan shots from my favorite spot on the spectator side fence. Long burnouts are pretty common so it’s a great place to get cool, rolling burnout photos.

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Best of 2011: Drag Racing

Alright, I’m not going to type some elaborate blog here…just wanted to show off some of my favorite drag racing images from 2011. Check ’em out…

Byrd Photo

Jim Howe Jr. blazing the tires at I-40 Dragway during one of his Bounty Race events.

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