Where I’ve Been, Corvette Edition

So, I listed off all those events in my previous post and you may be wonder how many of those events were for work and how many were for pleasure. To be perfectly honest, I see every one of those events as work. It’s hard for me to differentiate the two, which has its ups and has its downs. Either way, 2012 was a special year for me, because I drove the Corvette more than ever and had a great time doing it. The car is in need of several repairs and upgrades, but hey, that’s what this stuff is all about. Here’s where the Corvette has gone this year…

1964 Corvette coupe hot rod

The first show of the year was just down the road in Graysville, TN. Here, my car is parked with Bill Sims’ roadster, which had just been finished at my dad’s shop.

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The Chattanooga Cruise In

Man, September wore me out. The last weekend of the month didn’t require much traveling but it was still a great deal of work. I had spent months planning and promoting the Chattanooga Cruise In (formerly known as the Coker Tire and Honest Charley Cruise In) and it was time to see if the hard work paid off. I woke up and looked out the window to see cloudy skies, and rainfall…not good.

Chattanooga Cruise In Tommy Lee Byrd Photography

I never pass up the opportunity to take nighttime pictures in front of the Honest Charley store front.

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A September to Remember

Or maybe forget…I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out because it ain’t over yet. It’s another one of those months that I’m on the go 24/7 with events every weekend and plenty of stuff to do in between. I obviously haven’t had a chance to do much blogging, but I’ve certainly seen a lot of cool stuff in the past few weeks. Want a recap? Sure you do…

1964 Corvette hot rod

Despite all of the work-related stuff, I did get to enjoy some time behind the wheel of my car, which is always a good thing!

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Coker Tire and Honest Charley Cruise In

I’ll start this blog by saying that I hate to take credit for something that was organized by a group of people, but I felt proud last Saturday, as the cars and people kept pouring into the Coker Tire and Honest Charley Cruise In. It was cool to see an event I organized succeed, even with a serious threat for rain in the forecast. With just a couple months of planning we were able to get nearly 500 cars, and well over 1,000 people to see what Coker Tire is all about. Obviously, I didn’t do it alone, as I had the entire Coker Marketing Department backing me, as well as co-workers like Eric Gullett, Joe Lombardo and many others who spent their Saturday working, instead of relaxing.

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First Friday Cruise In–Gadsden, Alabama

I definitely get around to a lot of events. I go to a BUNCH of car shows, nostalgia drag events, and regular drag racing events all over the Southeast, so if there’s an event within a couple hours from home, there’s a pretty good chance I’ve tried it out. One cruise in, however, I had not attended was the First Friday Cruise In located in downtown Gadsden, Alabama. It’s held on the first Friday of the month…hence the name. Now that I’ve seen just how cool it is, I hate that I’ve missed it for so long!

Gadsden Alabama Cruise In

The crowd kept growing as the night went on...we left about 30 minutes before dark, but the town was really hoppin'! I'll definitely come back to the Gadsden Cruise In!

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The Coker Tire Cruise In

Ever since the huge success of the Hot Rod Power Tour cruise in (at Coker Tire), I’ve been wondering why we haven’t done something of this nature on our own. Chattanooga doesn’t have any cruise ins, and Coker Tire is cool enough to keep people coming back. I made a simple suggestion that had probably been mentioned a thousand times, but this time it stuck, and we started making plans for the first standalone Coker Tire and Honest Charley Cruise In. Having been around this stuff more than many of my colleagues, I was kinda put in charge of the operation, delegating jobs to various people and handling some things on my own. Pre-event planning was fairly simple, but when it was go-time this past Saturday, I realized the amount of work that goes into something like this.

Byrd Photo

The Corvette at night...this picture makes me think about street racing for some reason.

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