Swap ‘N Shop

I love swap meets. Big or small, swap meets give me a chance to see some cool stuff, and possibly buy it if the price is right. My dad raised me to go after a good deal, so I’ve been going to swap meets with him for as long as I can remember. From the good ol’ days at the Corvette Expo (when it actually had a great swap meet) to our most recent adventures, my dad and I enjoy hunting down a good deal.

Nashville Swap Meet Click HERE for more pictures!


Goodguys Nashville Nationals

Without a doubt, 2012 has been a busy year so far. I’ve attended more events than ever, and I’m about to go full blast into the crazy month of June. As far as May is concerned, well, it’s almost over but I’ve covered a lot of ground. The Goodguys Nashville Nationals was yet another stop on my schedule, and provided lots of good stuff to shoot.

Goodguys Nashville Nationals 2012

Nashville is such a cool place, and LP Field has proven to be a great spot for the Goodguys Nashville Nationals. The Pro’s Pick area is prominently shown here…the best of the best!

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