Best of 2012: Drag Racing

Alright, I’m running behind on this stuff, but here we go! My favorite drag racing photos of 2012!

Mustang Wheelstand

Small block, stock suspension car doing its thing. Shot at the Bounty Race at I-40 Dragway.

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August 2012 Bounty Race

Another month goes by and it’s time for another Bounty Race at I-40 Dragway. I had a few other things to accomplish, so I got to the track a little later than usual, but still did my best to cover it. Car count was a little better than months past, but there are still a lot of cars that are in the midst of repairs or rebuilds.

August 2012 Bounty Race

My pictures aren’t always great at night, but I love the nighttime atmosphere at I-40 Dragway…you can always feel the excitement in the air after the sun goes down.

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July Bounty Race Coverage

Well, the heat of summer has set in and it was apparent at the July Bounty Race. While the temperatures were not unbearable, the racer count was a bit low in the heads up street classes, which is normal for the dead-of-summer months. However, a strong turnout of index racers came to I-40 Dragway, gunning for a $2,000 winner’s purse. Throughout the night, the action grew more intense, and it culminated with a series of great final round passes.

July 2012 Bounty Race

Todd Lyle’s nitrous big block Camaro is a consistent contender in the Pro Street class. One of the few nitrous combinations in the class, Todd’s car rarely skips a beat.

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May 2012 Bounty Race Coverage

I’ve been going to the Bounty Race on a regular basis for the past 4 years. I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff at I-40 Dragway…wheelstands, wild burnouts and out-of-control passes that leave you wondering how the guy managed to save it. When I heard that Jim was offering $5,000 to the winner of the Pro Street class for the May Bounty Race event, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

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New Looks for 2012

After visiting I-40 Dragway three times so far this season, I’ve noticed a ton of new paint jobs and several complete rebuilds. It’s normal for a couple of racers to revamp their cars over the winter, but 2012 seems to be the year for the new paint job! And while there are several brand new builds that will be debuting soon, I just figured I’d showcase these racers who have obviously put in some serious hours in the off season.

–Mike Farley campaigned this Camaro in the Pro Street class last year, using a roots-blown big block, but this year it has taken on a whole new look. Now with a reliable all motor big block, the car is set up to run the 6.0 index class, and features a fresh Hugger Orange paint job.

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World Index Challenge Coverage

My home track, I-40 Dragway is known for its Bounty Race event, which is a monthly heads up race that always brings out a great crowd of racers and spectators to the eighth mile track. The Howe family has owned the track for 20+ years, and Jim Jr. is always creating new events to keep things fresh and exciting from year to year. For 2012, the highlight event for I-40 Dragway was the World Index Challenge, which offered up a $10,000 prize for 6.0 and 7.0 index classes. We’re talking guaranteed money here, so it drew racers from all over the country, and made for a HUGE event!

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March Bounty Race Action

As usual, we spent the last Saturday of the month in Crossville, Tennessee, home of I-40 Dragway and the Bounty Race. It’s a pretty regular event for us, so it’s always fun when the first event of the year rolls around. For the March event, the Bounty Race had a great turnout, with lots of anticipation leading up to the biggest index race in history, which happens next month at the eighth mile track. We saw lots of great racing action, with a few good wheelstands thrown in the mix. Click HERE for the full gallery or you can view some of my favorite shots right here!

March 2012 Bounty Race

This Road Runner was one of my favorite cars to watch, with its twisted up launches and low 5-second passes.

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